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Hola, soy Mónica.
Sobre mi:
Soy profesora de inglés en un colegio de educación primaria en Valladolid.
Nivel educativo y especialidad
Primaria: Inglés y bilingüismo

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A las 6:14pm del abril 5, 2016, roger dijo...
A las 7:00pm del abril 4, 2016, roger dijo...

Cuando quieras saltarte una letra simplemente pones  por ejemplo:

p23="Pasa a la palabra siguiente" y en la respuesta s23=""

Puedes ponerlo en inglés también.

A las 8:27pm del abril 3, 2016, roger dijo...

Hola Mónica la plantilla de inglés es esta. Te dejo un ejemplo:

p1 = "Starts with A.- Means having no colour.";
p2 = "Starts with B.- Singular. Animal species able to see colour in the ultraviolet region.";
p3 = "Starts with C.- Brain cells that identify the basic colours: in humans there are three types. Plural.";
p4 = "Starts with D.- Absence of light.";
p5 = "Contains E.- Region light allow us identified different colour.";
p6 = "Starts with F.- A screen for controlling or modifying the reproduction of the colours of the object photographed.";
p7 = "Contains G.- The ability of a substance to attract and absorb water molecules from the surrounding environment.";
p8 = "Starts with H.- A gradation or variety of a colour.";
p9 = "Starts with I.- Goddess mythology carrier messaging colours.";
p10 = "Starts with J.- Article of clothing characteristic Indian blue colour initially designed for miners and adventurers.";
p11 = "Ends with K.- Characterized by absence of light.";
p12 = "Contains L at each word.- Two words. A circular diagram of the spectrum used to show the relationships between the colours.";
p13 = "Starts with M.- Refers to a picture done in various tones of one colour only, especially black and white.";
p14 = "Starts with N.- In colour theory, a colour which is neither warm nor cool. Such colours result from the combination of two complementary colours such as red and green, blue and orange.";
p15 = "Contains O.- Referred to the colour’s tone such as green, blue and violet that evoke emotions and images as the sea or a winter landscape.";
p16 = "Starts with P.- A chemical or natural substance that provides color in the paintings.";
p17 = "Contains Q.- The number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time.";
p18 = "Contains R.- The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object.";
p19 = "Starts with S.- The colours produced by mixing primary colours.";
p20 = "Contains T.- Colour property allows us to distinguish and define the amount of pure colour it contains.";
p21 = "Contains U.- Period of Picasso's work that identifies Harlequin as characteristic picture.";
p22 = "Contains V.- Part of the electromagnetic spectrum comprising optical radiation having wavelengths range from 10 to 400nm.Humans can’t see but birds yes.";
p23 = "Starts with W.- Propagation of a perturbation in a medium, exchanging energy but not exchanging matter.";
p24 = "Contains X.- A painting movement in the early 20th century, where artists tried to convey emotion and meaning rather than reality.";
p25 = "Contains Y.- The organ of vision and light detector.";
p26= "Contains Z.- Cause to appear in color; enhance with color old black-and-white movies. Apply colour to.";

s1 = "Achromatic";
s2 = "Bird";
s3 = "Cones";
s4 = "Darkness";
s5 = "Visible";
s6 = "Filter";
s7 = "Hygroscopic";
s8 = "Hue";
s9 = "Iris";
s10 = "Jeans";
s11 = "Black";
s12 = "Colour wheel";
s13 = "Monochrome";
s14 = "Neutral";
s15 = "Cool";
s16 = "Pigment";
s17 = "Frequency";
s18 = "Colour";
s19 = "Secondary";
s20 = "Saturation";
s21 = "Blue";
s22 = "Ultraviolet";
s23 = "Wave";
s24 = "Expressionism";
s25 = "Eye";
s26 = "Colorizer";

A las 6:45pm del abril 3, 2016, roger dijo...
Sí. Puedes hacerlo aquí mismo o por el grupo pasapalabras.
A las 5:58pm del abril 3, 2016, roger dijo...

Hola Mónica,

Bienvenida a genmagic.

Espero que puedas colaborar y que el sitio te guste.



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